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Scale with Azumio 360 secure SDKs and APIs to understand your customer’s health and build better solutions, fast.

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Azumio 360 is a health data platform that allows your business to quickly understand your customer’s health.
From there, easily gain insights and build valuable experiences and personalized solutions.

Azumio 360


SDK Azumio 360

Easily build your own custom solution with our secure SDKs and APIs.

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Want to get started even faster?
Connect your customers with one of our pre-existing health and fitness mobile apps (available on both App Store and Google Play) and start engaging today.


All of your customers in one unified dashboard

Engage with your customers from a comprehensive, customizable dashboard.

Build personal connections with your customers, whether it’s for patients, consumers, medical professionals, insurers, employers, and anyone in between.

Azumio 360

We take data security and privacy seriously.

Azumio 360 stores your health data in a secure cloud. You are always in full control of your data and it's accessible at anytime. From our dashboard, you are free to turn on/off data types, and save and delete data at will.

Azumio 360

Azumio 360 can help you reach your global audience

Our mobile apps are available in over 150 countries. Simply connect your customers to one of our apps and instantly gain insight to create customized solutions for your audience.

Speed. Quality. Cost. Choose any three.

We offer the scalability and cost savings required by companies of any scale. Simply contact us with your plans and our implementation team will have you up and running in no time.