Glucose Buddy Features


Simple and easy to use dashboard

Supports blood glucose, CGM data, medication, insulin, carbs, food photos, steps, exercise, weight, A1C, blood pressure, ketones and more.

Convenient reminders

Receive an alert you when your blood glucose is due to be checked or it’s time to take your medication.


Blood glucose graphs

Help you and your health care team visually see, track, and understand the trends in your blood glucose level.

Estimated HbA1c calculator

Be aware of the state of your diabetes management with our estimated A1C calculator.

Meal IQ

Better understand how your blood sugar reacts to certain foods and activities with fluctuations in your blood glucose levels.

Diabetes coaching

Chat with a certified diabetes educator, dietician and make progress towards better glucose control.

Device & App Integration

Store all of your data in one place

  • Dexcom G5/G6
  • Apple Health
  • Contour One Next
  • Glucose Buddy Smart Meter


Test strip delivery service*

If you are a member of the Glucose Buddy diabetes kit service, receive refillable test strips automatically sent to your door.

*Available only in the United States


Better diabetes starts here.

Everything you need to keep your blood sugar in balance and lower your A1C.
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Glucose Buddy
Glucose BuddyGlucose BuddyGlucose BuddyGlucose Buddy

Easily track your glucose, medicine, and all of your other diabetes needs from one app.

Identily trends in your blood glucose and make better decisions.

Discover how food affects your blood glucose with Meal IQ.

Easy food tracking with food recognition technology and barcode scanning.

Take our 12 week education program and learn all the necessary skills to take care of your diabetes.

Learn about the different approaches to diet and exercise so you can find what works for you.

Glucose BuddyGlucose Buddy
Glucose Buddy

Seamless data sync with Apple Health, Dexcom, and more

Works with Apple HealthWorks with Dexcom

”I’m a visual person so graphs and images resonate and sometimes inspire me. I love the integrated tracking”.

Jean Webster
Glucose Buddy member
Glucose Buddy

See what people are saying about Glucose Buddy

4.8 out of 5
20k ratings
by skatinlaytn – May 19, 2021

I’m buddies with glucose buddy

Since 2012 I have tried several glucose tracking sites. I found Glucose Buddy 3 year ago and am very satisfied. You can track many other health related items. 👍👍update: 5/19/21...still loving Glucose Buddy. Thanks for being there for me.

by Queen Mama K – May 16, 2021

Glucose Buddy has made a difference in my life.

Over the last two years, I have been using the FreeStyle LibraLink sensor to check my blood sugar. I knew my blood sugar was out of control but did not know how to manage it. In February 2021, I discovered Glucose Buddy. This program has made a huge difference for me. When I started using it my A1 C was 6.6. It is now 6.3. Other benefits are that I have lost weight and my meds have been reduced. ..all from using Glucose Buddy. Overall, I feel so much better. Using this program is easy. It is life changing.

by Sugarbaby Mom – Apr 21, 2021

LOVE this App!

We recently went back to injections after being on a pump for 7 years. I had forgotten how much info there is to keep track of when you’re doing it without technology! We tried a different app and hated it. Love this one because of the reports, they help me see trends without having to use a CGM, that I can add all her different meds and track her glucose, carb intake, activity and insulin usage.

by HeyLee2 – Apr 5, 2021

Nice little monitor!

Easy to use and full of information! I also gives me a concise and organized place to keep track of all my "vitals"! Highly recommend!

by MeganMMac87

Love this app!

I never gave a crap about my diabetes until I lost both of my parents at the age of 51. My A1C was out of control at 10.2! Here I was downing mountain dews and never checking my sugar eating, eating whatever I wanted. I gave up sodas, and fast food but finally have started checking my blood sugar as well. My endocrinologist has requested that I check my sugar randomly throughout the day and keep a record... well it has finally happened because of this app! 💕

by BIGBOYS1968 – Dec 19, 2020


This app is easy to navigate and logs in lots of data. It also imparts good information about one’s daily care of diabetes. It is a great encourager. I recommend it.